Below are some testimonials attendees shared with us after seeing The Map to Paradise at a series of private screenings for ocean stakeholders.

“It’s incredible. 4 stars.”

Channel 9's TODAY Show’s Entertainment Reporter Richard Wilkins 

“The Map to Paradise has left me feeling very positive that as a nation we can protect our oceans against the danger it is currently in. This film has enlightened me on everything that has been done throughout history to protect our oceans. It goes to show that if all this can be done, then what we can achieve to continue to protect them is limitless,”.

Lizzie Welborn Surf Ironwoman 

“The Map to Paradise moved me on such a profound level. Important messages delivered through beautifully shot imagery and artful storytelling. Real. Raw. Relatable. Gripping. It’s impossible to walk away from a screening and not want to spring into action to help save our beautiful oceans,”

Lisa Messenger Founder + Editor in Chief Collective Hub

“Thrilled about this film and the hope you bring. A brilliant masterpiece. Thank you for your wonderful work.”

Susie Crick, Chair, Surfrider Foundation Australia 

Amongst the chaos and bad news running wild worldwide, a little crack that allowed hope to move in once again. That’s how I felt after watching the [Byron Bay private avant] premiere of The Map to Paradise yesterday, and watch fellow ocean conservationists leaving the place with a shy smile and inspired to keep working hard to protect what we love most,”

Bia Figueiredo, Scientific Advisor - Surfers For Cetaceans

“It was a beautiful exploration of underwater sanctuaries all across the globe - and the special people who took it up on themselves to make a reality. It features passionate individuals from remote islands of the Pacific to the shores off Greece and the oceans of Antarctica which have fought for our backyard - the lungs and the life force of our blue planet. They not only inspired new generations within their communities, but they also inspired me - we must remember that each of every single one of us can contribute to the health of this incredible ecosystem. The Map to Paradise is a beautiful reminder of how much we have left to fight for,”

Michaela Skovranova, Olympus Visionary

“The Map to Paradise is an inspirational tale delivering a message of hope – a new awakening is on it’s way and the tide is finally turning in favour of the blue heart of our planet. A must see!"

Anita Kolni, Founder, Ocean Lovers Festival

“Very inspiring. Leaves a feeling of responsibility for the care and upkeep of our oceans after watching [the film],” 

Carla Papac, Surf Iron Woman

Such an inspirational film. Beautifully shot and lovingly crafted to acknowledge the magnitude of the problems that we face whilst inspiring action with stories of the wonderful people working with so much love and passion to protect the oceans. They are the true giants of our age... much of what is touted as success pales into insignificance when compared to the achievements of these dedicated heroes,”

David Warth, Wildlife Filmmaker 

The Map to Paradise' has magnificent footage  of marine animals that inspire compassion and hope for their existence to continue. It gently weave stories of possibility told by ordinary people who are doing heroic things to stand up for the oceans, to advocate, educate and develop the capacity in others to multiply efforts. At the end you cannot fail to ask what can I do too?”

Wendy Goldstein, Director, Master of Sustainable Development, Macquarie University 

“I was mostly impressed by the structure of the documentary who managed to stay focus on one aspect of the issue only (protected areas). The topic was thoroughly an- alysed from the high legal battles of international courts to the grass root level of how to apply the legislation. This produced a simple call to action, easy to remember and gave a sense of clarity which can sometimes be missed in these types of documentary. The youthful tone of voice gave a serious message while staying hopeful, which is so crucial to keep mass audiences engaged,”

Honorary Consul from Monaco, Hadrien Bourely

"A wonderful positive take on a hard and scary issue. Thank you for reigniting the fire within,” 

Eva Kiss Responsible Runners

““The team at Bluebottle Films have really set a benchmark for truly inspirational documentary film making with their latest release, ‘The Map to Paradise’. Danielle and James have taken their passionate for the environment and condensed it into a clear message that we all should adhere to,”

Scott Portelli Wildlife Photographer

“The cinematography in this film is so beautiful! I loved hearing the positive ocean stories - really motivating!”

Rosie Leaney, Underwater Photographer & Diver 

The Map to Paradise uses beautiful, powerful visual story telling in a way that empowers the viewer to take action to conserve our ocean for future generations. Whilst some information about our oceans, is of course, saddening, The Map to Paradise uplifts and educates people in a way that encourages thoughtful and individual solutions orientated approaches. It identifies that one size does not fit all, but that our ocean is indeed for everyone and everyone can and does play an important role in protecting it for the future. This film is a wonderful breathe of fresh air in a space normally filled with just the issues. It takes the next step to encourage the change we need in the world,”

Laura Wells, TV Science Presenter/Model

“This spin on the ocean's need for protection is so refreshing! It is positive and uplifting while addressing a real and serious topic. What makes the film so captivating is seeing what people around the world are already doing to make a change. It makes you want to be apart of the journey and the solution to a better ocean,”

Australian Champion Sailor Annie Wilmot

The beautiful cinematography plus the personal charisma of the speakers, especially those making their living from the sea, the fishers and Palau divers, really brought home what we would lose if we let the ocean degrade further,”

Professor of Marine Ecology, University of Technology Sydney

“A beautiful and inspiring film about people and countries making a positive difference to our environment, a film that shows that one nation can put nature before profit,”

Ocean Photographer Craig Parry

“Our planet is at this critical turning point in which communities, government and individuals need to band together and create big change, or risk losing our planet's most precious assets forever. The Map to Paradise is a beautiful, heart-felt reminder that throughout history, big and positive changes have successfully transformed and protected our oceans and that we can, and need to, echo these changes throughout the world,”

Harriet Spark, Founder of the Strawkle Movement

"The Map to Paradise is a visually sumptuous journey into hope. It dares to imagine a promising future for the ocean and all it sustains,”

Janine Israel, Australian Journalist 

“The Map to paradise” represents a major step to sail towards the most beautiful side of our Planet resulting from the balance of ocean ecosystems. While watching the natural kaleidoscope of species through a series of heartbreaking HD underwater shooting most of the people among  the audience and myself felt our souls plunging in the heart of Nature thus making us think to belong to It completely. Despite the black shape of the industrial sea exploitation in the background, you then realize that the opportunity to change the Earth destiny is in your own hands regardless of your origins. We all belong to the Sea and it is our duty to give enough Hope to preserve it speaking one voice as the “Blue Ambassadors” testified efficaciously during this special journey to Paradise on Earth. That is the most valuable message to join forces to protect the Seas,”

Maurizio Abbati, international journalist and author specialized in Environmental Communication, Monaco

“A film made with soul, and the result is that yours becomes uplifted. I walked away feeling courageous rather than the usual overwhelm,”

Jaimee Paul, Artist & Conservationist

Like falling into a beautiful childhood dream I found myself suddenly being transported into the vivid underwater paradise of magical coral reef ecosystems, with my mind flashing back to the awe inspiring reef's I had viewed as a young man. And then just as suddenly I was being whisked around the world - like Aladdin on a magic carpet - learning how wise elders all over the world are protecting and restoring our ocean paradises. The Map to Paradise is a film not to be missed by everyone that truly understands that we need to enhance our relationship with our beautiful earth,”

Farmer Glenn Morris, The Bridgerider

Truly inspiring film and inspiring people behind it. It's not easy to fight for your cause for a day, a month...let alone 6 years. The world will be a better place if this message spreads,”

Stevan Premutico, Australian Entrepreneur

I loved this film so much. Sometimes documentary film can be too serious or too difficult to understand. However, this film is able to deliver the important messengers to audience but at the same time, easy to understand and enjoy to watch. My 3 years old daughter was also able to watch the whole film for 1 1/2 hours. Beautiful illustrations, scenery and stories of real people made this film more interesting and appealing to me,”

Grace Lee, Mother/Fashion Industry 

"Great film, very inspirational and a great positive message,”

Brie-Ashli Whilton, Surf Ironwoman

“A beautiful film capturing the beauty of the oceans and the small communities that depend on them and their inspirational efforts to create change. Sad, funny, uplifting and confronting. A wonderfully told story that should be seen by all,”

Richard Vaculik, Big Wave Surfer/ Mixed Martial Artist

“The film is a breath of fresh air…beautifully shot with deep storytelling that kept me wanting to know more. In this world, where many people suffer from environmental numbness, The Map to Paradise, I believe, will awaken them and promote them to act, share and protect our earths precious resources. Campaign fatigue is all around us and I think that your wonderful film cuts through this and will energise anyone one that watches it! Congratulations and I also must add, the graphics were fresh, beautiful and unique!”

Hayden Turner, Wildlife TV Presenter/Producer