How you can help


How you can help

Support the arts and grassroots filmmaking...

Come with us on this journey to discover what ‘underwater paradise’ might look like, and to show the world that dreams do come true. 


DOnate via the sea life trust

To receive a tax deduction for your donation you can donate via the sea life trust. If you are located in Australia, please write to hello@themaptoparadise.com.


purchase a case of tamburlaine organic wine

You'll get a special discounted rate, and Tamburlaine will donate $50 back into the project via the Sea Life Trust! 


We reached our target!!!

Thanks to everyone that got behind us, without your support we would never have been able to pull this off.


THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT AttendED our fundraising event at the Mother Ocean ExhibitioN

Saturday the 4th of February 2016 at 5pm

Warringah Creative Space, 105 Abbott Road North Curl Curl, NSW


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 Share - If you can't afford to contribute, use your social circles to share our story. 


Become a sponsorship partner or an education and outreach partner - contact hello@themaptoparadise.com